Terms and conditions

Hostel Uppelink

(Kumulus BV, referred to as ‘Hostel Uppelink’)

(version 21/06/2022)

Article 1. Introduction

Article 2. Reservations / Payments / Rates

Article 3. Cancellation Policy And Costs

Article 4. Arrival / Stay / Departure

Article 5. Occupancy

Article 6. Minors and children

Article 7. Personal Data / Security

Article 8. House Rules

Article 9. Liability

Article 10. Changes in General Terms And Conditions

Article 11. Force Majeure

Article 12. Legal Jurisdiction

Article 13. Contact And Payment Details

Article 1. Introduction

These terms and conditions apply on all reservations, payments and overnight stays by a customer in Hostel Uppelink. Consequently, by making a reservation or a payment, or by staying overnight at Hostel Uppelink, you agree with our terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions can also be found on our website www.hosteluppelink.com.

Article 2. Reservations / Payments / Rates

Reservations, both for individuals and for groups, can only be made by an adult (< 18 years), who thereby also takes responsibility for both this reservation and his fellow companions. For the stay of minors (> 18 years) in the hostel, different conditions apply (see Article 6).

A ‘reservation’ or a ‘booking’ means we place a bed or a room at your disposal as long as you comply with one of our guarantee methods. These guarantee methods are clearly stated while making your reservation. Please note that once a booking is finalized we hold the right to charge your stay in accordance to our cancellation policy. This can be done before the arrival date.

Hostel Uppelink uses a varying rate system depending on the requested day, room type and availability. The indicated rates include bed linen, personal lockers in the rooms and (wireless) internet.

Extra services can be bought, such as padlocks for the dorm lockers, luggage lockers at the entrance, a continental breakfast buffet, towel hire, earplugs...

There are several options to make a reservation at our hostel:

  1. Use our online booking system on our official website (www.hosteluppelink.com). Here we accept individual bookings and small group bookings up to 10 people. Large groups of 11 people or more need to contact us directly by email to make a booking. If not, we are entitled to cancel such bookings.

  2. Contact us directly by email (info@hosteluppelink.com) or by phone (+32 9 279 44 77). Especially for groups of more than 10 people. Best rates and rooms guaranteed.

  3. Use an OTA (Online Travel Agency), like Booking.com, Hostelworld.com or others. These booking websites charge high commissions, their rates on our rooms and beds are at least 7% higher than on our official website.

Not all our beds and rooms are available online at all times. Please contact us directly to receive our best rates and updated availability (info@hosteluppelink.com or +32 9 279 44 77), especially if you want to make a booking well in advance.

Hostel Uppelink has the right to adjust prices/rates at all times without prior notice. Reservations and bookings already made are charged at the rates applied at the time of reservation.

All prices/rates stated are in euro (€).

Article 3. Cancellation Policy And Costs

Hostel Uppelink has the right to cancel reservations or bookings

  • which are not covered by a payment once the free cancellation period is over

  • when the (down)payment wasn’t completed within the agreed period of time (if applicable)

The customer has the right to cancel a reservation in accordance with the cancellation conditions he agreed upon at the time the booking was made. These conditions are clearly stated while making a reservation. If costs apply, they are applicable at all times.

Article 4. Arrival / Departure / Stay

Prior to check-in: between 8:00 and 15:00

  • Free use of common areas, kitchen and (wireless) internet

  • Large luggage lockers are available for a small fee

Check-in: between 15:00 and 22:00

  • Photo ID required to check-in (which will be copied for security reasons)

  • Sign our hostel policy

  • Staff has the right to ask for a deposit

  • Receive bed linen and online key

  • Check in after 22:00 is possible (with approval and additional cost)

  • Check in after 1:00 (the next morning) is not possible

Check-out: between 8:00 and 11:00

  • Early check-out before 8:00. Ask reception the evening before.

  • Late check-out between 11:00 - 14:00 (additional cost)

  • Return sheets and key

After check-out: between 11:00 and 20:00

  • Free use of common areas, kitchen and (wireless) internet

  • Large luggage lockers are available for a small fee

Continental breakfast buffet: between 8:00 and 10:00 (additional cost)

Rooms and bathrooms: accessible day and night

No curfew (you can enter with your key at all times)

Bar/kitchen/lounge: between 8:00 and 22:30

  • No alcohol from outside allowed. Order at our bar.

  • No alcohol in the rooms allowed.

  • Personal non-alcoholic beverages and food are allowed in the common areas.

Article 5. Occupancy

Each bed or room is suitable for the occupancy as stated by Hostel Uppelink. A bed or a room may never be occupied by more people than stated, unless explicitly confirmed in writing by Hostel Uppelink.

Article 6. Minors and children

Parents who would like to stay in our hostel accompanied by their minor children (<18 years) have to book a private room, unless otherwise approved in writing by Hostel Uppelink.

Children under the age of 3 can stay free of charge in these private rooms if the request is made together with the reservation and is explicitly approved in writing by Hostel Uppelink.

Baby amenities can be provided for free (baby chair / baby cot) provided that:

  • they are requested prior to arrival

  • they are still available

  • the hostel has explicitly agreed in writing

Guests who are under 18 and travelling without an adult must bring a completed ‘Parental Consent Form’ and a copy of the signing parent’s ID in order to stay in a private room. Additionally, guests under 18 can only stay in our dorms if they are part of a group that has booked out an entire dorm room.

Article 7. Personal Data / Security

7.1. Personal Data

See Our ‘Privacy Policy’ on our website www.hosteluppelink.com.

7.2. Security

Hostel Uppelink is officially recognized by Toerisme Vlaanderen en therefore complies with the requirements of the Flemish and Belgian legislators to ensure the safe stay of people.

What else do we do to ensure a safe stay?

  • During check-in we make a copy of a photo ID of all our guests.

  • We maintain the security and safety of our premises through CCTV.

  • There are lockers at the entrance to store valuable items before and after your stay.

  • There are lockers in the dorms to store valuable objects during your stay.

  • A concierge lives next to the hostel. In case of emergency or when other guests misbehave, this person can be called on the intercom at the reception or via the phone number indicated on the front door.

Article 8. House Rules

  • During check in we make a copy of a photo ID of all our guests.

  • Upon arrival all guests need to sign our hostel rules for approval.

  • The lockers in the rooms and in the luggage compartment can be used to store objects. The use of the lockers and the luggage room is at your own risk. The hostel is not liable for loss or theft.

  • In case of misbehavior the person in question will be removed from the hostel.

  • Only paying guests are allowed in the rooms. At night time only paying guests are allowed in the building. Make sure the front door is locked properly behind you when you enter and make sure nobody sneaks in.

  • It’s not allowed to smoke or start a fire in the building.

  • No alcohol from outside allowed; no alcohol in the rooms allowed.

  • Pets are not allowed in the building. Not in the rooms and not in our common areas.

  • Respect the sleep of other guests. No noise in the rooms, hallways and bathrooms. Especially between 22:00 and 8:00.

  • Respect the staff, the equipment and the building

Article 9. Liability

By staying in our hostel you agree to our house rules and our terms and conditions.

In case you or a member of your group misbehaves, damages property or breaks the rules we have the right to cancel your stay or your group’s stay at any moment, without any form of reimbursement or compensation.

In the event of damage, misconduct, theft or loss of anything that is our property, we have the right to charge you for all costs we have incurred as well as to withhold (a part of) the deposit paid upon arrival.

The police will be informed in case of serious misconduct or damage.

Article 10. Changes in Terms And Conditions

These terms and conditions can be changed by Hostel Uppelink at all times. It’s the responsibility of the customer to check terms and conditions every time a new reservation is made.

Article 11. Force Majeure

When a reservation can not be taken due to unforeseen circumstances, Hostel Uppelink can not be held responsible for this. These cases of force majeure may be - without this list being exhaustive -- war, civil war, natural disaster, fire, terrorist attack, technical problems with public transport, closure of ports and/or airports, union strikes, epidemics, quarantine, meteorological circumstances, government decisions or other circumstances beyond control of Hostel Uppelink.

Article 12. Legal Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are subject to Belgian law. In case of dispute only the court of  the judicial district of East-Flanders, department Ghent, is authorized.

Article 13. Contact And Payment Details

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